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Meeting with Brazilian mediators

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Press release
President of the Civil Division of the Supreme Court of the Slovak Republic Soňa Mesiarkinová, met on 11th April with professors and students from the National Foundation of Conflict Mediation from the area of Contagem/Minas Gerais in Brazil. They were accompanied by the secretary of the Ambassador of Brazil in Slovakia, Vanessa Sant´Anna.
President of the Civil Division has informed the Brazilian guests about the activities of the Supreme Court and the judicial system in Slovakia. President of the Foundation, Fernanda Lima said that Slovakia is considered in Brasil as an open and integrated country. She was interested especially in the use of the Law on Mediation in Slovakia. Soňa Mesiarkinová replied that Slovakia should benefit much more from mediation, than it currently is. According to her, it is certainly not the fault of the legislation, nor the fault of mediators but rather, it results from lack of confidence of the public towards courts and, consequently, towards the mediators.
Brazilian mediators were interested in litigation in Slovakia in the field of labour law. Soňa Mesiarkinová informed her guests that in Slovakia, only the court can decide about the validity of termination of employment. According to her, improving the education of mediators but also judges and assistants could help increase the use of mediation. In this regard, she will ask the Judicial Academy for the inclusion of traininf on mediation into their programme.
The Brazilian mediators arrived in Slovakia at the invitation of their Slovak colleagues to the seminar of the Slovak Association of Mediators in Modra.

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