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Minister of Justice of the State of Israel

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  Press Release
On 16 February 2017, the President of the Supreme Court of the Slovak Republic, Ms. Daniela Švecová, has received Israel’s Minister of Justice Ms. Ayelet Shaked. The meeting was attended by the management of the Slovak Supreme Court, as well as by the Ambassador of Israel in Slovakia, Mr. Zvi A. Vapni. The agenda included topics such as comparison of both countries‘ judicial systems and the status of the Supreme Court and Constitutional Court in them, as well as specific features of each judicial system, e.g. Israel‘s religious courts in family matters.
President of the Slovak Supreme Court reported on the current situation at the Supreme Court and the indispensable role it plays in the legal system of the Slovak Republic, particularly in unification of the Case Law. Representatives of the Supreme Court’s divisions discussed the activity and the specific features of practice of the respective division.
Participants agreed that judiciary plays a vital role in combatting the growing extremism. Topics of the discussion included the criminal sanctioning of the denial of Holocaust and other extremist offences, and also the possibilities for the judiciary to take action against extremist movements, including the examples of the Supreme Court’s decision-making practice.
In conclusion, the Israel’s Minister of Justice presented a new law on sanctioning the terrorism-related crimes, which represents the culmination of the seven-year effort to adopt a regulation that would establish balance between protection of human rights, which is essential to a democratic society, but at the same time would represent an effective instrument to protect against terrorist threats. 
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