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Trust in Slovak courts and the legal system has grown over the last five years

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Trust in Slovak courts and the legal system has grown over the last five years.
This results from the public opinion survey on the credibility of the judiciary conducted by the Focus Agency in July 2017 (collection of data from 13th July to 24th July 2017) on the sample of 1025 respondents by the method of personal interviews of the investigators and respondents. The sample is representative of the Slovak population aged 18+ and was selected by a quota selection.
The question "To what extent do you trust the Slovak legal system", could be answered by the respondents on an 11-point scale, 0-10, with 0 meaning "I do not trust" and 10 "I fully trust". The average confidence in this scale was 4.59 in 2017. Given the fact that the same question about trusting the Slovak legal system has been asked by the European Social Survey (ESS) in several surveys, we can also analyse the development of trust in the legal system over time.
Based on the analysis of the results of the answers to the two questions about trust in the judiciary as well as trust in the judicial system, we can say that the confidence in the Slovak courts, the judiciary and the legal system has increased over the past five years. The opinion that the Slovak courts and the judiciary have improved over the last five years was expressed by respondents with higher education and respondents from Žilinský, Trenčiansky and Prešovský region. On the contrary, respondents in the 55-64 age group and respondents from Banskobystrický region think that the courts worsened.
The graph shows the average confidence in the judicial system in each year. The results indicate a rise in trust in the judicial system compared to 2012. The current confidence level in the Slovak legal system is actually the highest in the history of surveying this issue (since 2004).
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