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Visit of the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Serbia

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Press Release
On Wednesday, February 04, 2016, the President of the Supreme Court of the Slovak Republic (“Supreme Court”) Ms. Daniela Švecová met with the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Serbia, Mr. Nikola Selaković and Mr. Sani Dermaku, the Serbian ambassador in the Slovak Republic. The representatives of all four divisions of the Supreme Court were present at the meeting as well. Nikola Selaković has informed them about the judicial system organization in Serbia, which was similar to the one in the Slovak Republic until 2010. In consequence of the European Union constraint on Serbia, a judicial system reform took place therein. The current judicial system in Serbia is more complex – it consists of 66 ordinary courts, 25 higher courts, 4 appeal courts (of higher instance) and the Supreme Court of Cassation. Minister Selaković expressed his belief that the former judicial system appeared to be more effective. The greatest problem of the Serbian judiciary between years 2010-2016 is considered to be the disunited judicial practice, particularly with respect to the differences between the practises of the four appeal courts.
The participants were discussing also the topic of Serbian criminal law. There is an incomparably lower number of criminal law cases in Serbian judiciary, mainly as a result of prosecutors´ investigation implementation. Most cases are settled by plea agreements or suspension of prosecution, should the accused be not criminally prosecuted until then and it deposits funds for humanitarian purposes. At the end of the meeting Mr. Nikola Selaković has invited Ms. Daniela Švecová for a visit to the Serbian Supreme Court of Cassation.
Press Department of the Supreme Court of the Slovak Republic
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